Our services fit a variety of situations.  Each one starts with the Consultation.  Once you’ve scheduled a Consultation, you may want to consider which type of project package might be a good option for you.  We will discuss these options after completing the Consultation, so be thinking about it in advance.  You can select a single service from the list with a limited number of hours or you can select a package of service (see below).

Which of Our Services Best Meet Your Needs?


New Kitchen/Bath Plans & Finishes

Interior Design Services

New Construction Finishes

Space Planning

As-Built Plans


Service packages


You will get all of the planning services in our first phase of design, steps 1-5, which is ideal for the client who wants to do the work themselves or hire their own contractor.

This package plans everything in advance of any work to be done and takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks depending on the project size.  We include Drawings, Sourcing, and Calculating the Estimate.



You will get all of the planning services in our Design Only Package plus visits to the project to the build/installation phase including a reveal of a finished room.

This is ideal for the client who is moving into a new home and are bringing everything they need with them or they have decided to stay in their current home so they have need of few new furnishings.


You will get all of the 15 steps, everything in the Remodel Package plus mostly/all new furnishings and accessories as needed plus a celebration with your friends after the reveal.

This package fits the client who has decided it’s time for new things in the new space (we have ways to save on huge purchases that help to offset our fees).

If you would like to know discuss these services, we can certainly help you choose the right set of services to fit your unique situation.  Don’t hesitate to call or email for more inforamtion.

Deborah is an amazing listener who truly loves making space beautiful! She worked with me to design the perfect space within my budget. She took the time to research and shop so that my space is just right.
Chelsey N.
Franklin, TN
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