Our projects below are a small representation of all the work we have done over the years.  Styles change, so we want to keep only a few of our projects from the past year or two.  Below the photographs are items or services that we can help you acquire or accomplish.  Don’t search alone.  We have hundreds of resources available to you through our vendors.  Let us help!

Our Projects: Belle Meade Kitchen
Our Projects: McQwen Living Room
Our Projects: McQwen Dining Room
Our Projects: Belle Meade Bedroom
Our Projects: McQwen Master Bath

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Custom Furniture & Layout

Banquet Tables & Tableware

Custom Luxury Bedding

Bath Design & Remodeling

Condo Draperies
Area & Oriental Rugs
Plants & landscaping

Custom Window Treatments

Selection of Flooring



Custom & Oriental Rugs

Plants & Landscaping

You CAN turn your house and property into the home of your dreams! If you wait, costs will continue to soar and your family will find other solutions to meet their need for more space in ways you will not be able to control. You’ve committed to providing for all of the needs of your family and you do not want to waste time and money that is not to your advantage. We can help. Let us show you how.  You can take control over the life you and your family plan to lead in the coming years. 

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