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More Info: Of course we can’t summarize everything we do in a few pages, but here are a few more highlights to give you more info about our 15 step process and why we value it so highly.  You will find more info about four key processes that add a great deal of value to our service.

Trade Day

Presentation Day

Our A Team

Reveal Day

General Trades:







Drywall Installer

Flooring Installer

HVAC Installer

Framing Carpenter

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Specialized Trades:

Wallpaper Installer

Drapery/Blinds Installer


Cabinet Maker

Millwork or Finish Carpenter

Countertop Installer



Decorative Artist

Fireplace Specialist

More Info About Trade Day

Trade Day is a scheduled day when we meet with every trades-person expected to work on the project in advance of design to avoid (where possible) the creation of a design that will cause problems later.  Having the trades on site beforehand will eliminate many problems down the road.  It does cost the client for the time our design team is on site, usually all day, but it is necessary to move the project forward while preventing many problems so it is worth the expense to avoid having to re-work designs that create issues without forethought.

Before the Trades arrive, we do our own work to measure the space and take photographs of everything.  Here is some of what we do:

Measure door openings to insure that furnishings, fixtures, equipment and supplies can be moved in and out of the space with ease.  We include the entrance, back doors, stairs, basements, attics and elevators in this task as well.

Measure the height, width and depth of all windows and sills, doors, fireplaces and radiators, ceilings and bulkheads, electrical outlets and lighting.

Locate existing electrical (including thermostats and alarms), lighting, vents and note them on the floor plan.

Note technology usage: where cell phones, iPads, etc are powered up.

Photograph every corner, wall, windows, door, and anything else that we might want to reference while working on the design.

Identify a work area – where the trades can leave supplies/tools while working. 

Much more as required to capture the essence of the built environment.

As you can see, we are well prepared to get to work on the new design even before the Trades arrive.  As each Trade arrives on schedule, we then further our discovery of the best solution by asking for their professional input.  We listen carefully to what they say, especially about what will not work and we ask them for their ideas.  It is truly a collaboration.  Their exposure to hundreds of homes is valuable to us as they may have dealt with a similar issue and can pass on to us their success with it.  We gather all this information and work the design accordingly. 

More Info About Presentation Day

Presentation Day is the long-awaited day when you finally get to see the design proposal.  This includes every item on your wish list and will be an amazing experience to see it all together.  Plan for this meeting to take at least 2 hours, possibly as many as 3 or 4 hours, depending on the size of the project. 

We bring the completed Construction Documents with us to the meeting as well as all samples/photographs of the items selected for the design.  Though it is an intensive meeting, it is very exciting:  seeing how everything fits together is the most amazing experience ever!

We require that everyone involved in the decision-making process attend this meeting so that communication can be clear to all parties.  This saves quite a bit of time as well.


More Info About Our A Team

Our A Team is a carefully selected group of trades for your project.  Each design is different and will have it’s own set of Trades needed.  By scheduling Trade Day, our Trades know that they will have the ‘first right of refusal’ to do the project when the time comes, which means they know they have a job about 2-3 months down the road.  By knowing this in advance, they can clear their calendar for your project as well as be assured we will be completely ready for them when we are ready to create the schedule.  They know that they can get right to work without delay at the appointed time.

More Info About the Reveal Day

Reveal Day is the most exciting day of all!  It is scheduled in advance and we ask that you schedule a short vacation in the days preceding the reveal so that you can come back refreshed and ready to see your new home.  We completely accessorize you space with new items so that you can see the full potential of your remodel.  Any special collectibles you love will also find a home in the new design.  And this isn’t all.  We still have a few more steps to complete the process – steps that make sure every detail is nailed down and there are no deficiencies left hanging.  We care that much.

Impressed?  We hope so!  We’ve worked hard and will continue to show you our commitment to the best design solution possible for your home’s interior space.  After all, we have designed dozens of homes…

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