What does an Interior Designer Cost?

Typical Interior Design Costs

Many ask us “How much does an interior designer cost?”  We answer that it depends on the size of the project, scope of work and materials selected.  Interior Designers charge fees in a variety of ways.  Our hourly or flat rate fees are for our expertise and are charged in 15 min increments of time.  For instance, if we make many one-minute calls, we wait until they add up to 15 minutes before we charge for one 15 min increment.  If we spend 20 minutes to source a lamp, we will charge you for 15 minutes.  If we spend 25 minutes sourcing, then we charge for 30 minutes.  It generally works out in your favor as most designers we know simply do not track every minute of every project. 

We hope you will understand this when you receive our invoices.  We do our best to track all of our time so that through our profits we can grow a business that helps those in need of help, housing and/or jobs.  Our clients love the idea that not only do they get a beautiful outcome, but they are also helping people through our business because we seek to hire contractors who are well qualified and yet need the work or opportunity.  This is a reflection of our business ethics: that to be in business is to provide for those in need.

DC 7 Designs believes that our expertise is highly valuable to the project and will help you to avoid cost overruns and other avoidable costs and fees so you will find the end product worth every dollar, especially when you allow us to run the project from start to finish.

Our promise to you is to keep our projects on budget with several specific methods to be sure that it is possible to do so.  We value transparency and honesty so we share our fees quite openly and track our hours carefully using any and all means to expedite tasks in the most efficient way possible.  We outsource for a lower fee when possible.  If you have any question about our time, we will be happy to review it with you.



Scale of fees:

This list shows what our rates are for 2019.

Hourly fees are calculated and invoiced at the end of each month, with invoices payable upon receipt.

$195.00/hr for Principal

$155.00/hr for Sr Designer

$145.00/hr Sr Account Manager

$135.00/hr for Inter. Designer

$135.00/hr for Construction Documents

$115.00/hr for Junior Designer

$  75.00/hr for Administration


In our flat fee contract, each phase of work is billed in advance with 100% of the fee due for that portion of work. 

We offer a discount when the project is paid in full in advance.  This can save you thousands and helps to streamline the timetable. 

Contact us today to find out if a flat fee structure would work best for your project.


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