Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rearrange my living room during the Consultation?

Yes, as long as we know in advance to bring the tools we need to move basic seating and tables.  Large, full height bookcases, hutches or tall heavy items will not be moved.

Is there a money-back guarantee to be done on time and on budget?

Though no designer or contractor can offer a “guarantee or your money back,” we do arrange our processes so that you will have the most accurate quotes and the best timeline that we and our vendors can predict.  That said, we will handle out-of-norm issues that arise for you and keep you abreast of the issues if/when they develop.  It is not uncommon to have issues arise.  We recommend that you plan for flexibility as we do, which does include a typical 10-15% contingency in the budget.

Why does the drawing package take 6-8 weeks?

When we do a drawing package, we don’t want to go back and forth, correcting and redrawing your plans over and over again.  We’ve been stuck on that wheel in the past and it isn’t fun for anyone.  We now do a complete discovery of three things: you and your family, your budget, and your house.  Without those three categories being explored, we could waste much of your time and money trying to get things right.  Why not plan ahead and gather all that information before much work begins?

We do a complete measure of your home, and draw it up in CAD so that contractors will know how it stands right now.  Next we take the discovery file and begin working on the new design.  If any work is structural, we have engineers check it for code approval.

We select the fixtures and finishes as well.  These are also worked into our 3D design and we capture photo’s of the space so that you can actually see your home before any work commences.  

What is Trade Day?

Trade Day is the day we initiate work on your project after discovery.  The building is measured and drawn, so we invite all of our trades to visit the site, get their own measurements and discuss the design plan from their expertise.  This is done at Step 3, well in advance of when they would begin work at Step 8.  Those who show up from our A team will get first right of refusal for the project later.  Once they complete gathering their own pre-work information and sharing ideas with us, they will put together a quote written and submitted to us within a couple of weeks.  That aids us in putting together a design that is going to work well for each of the systems in the home as well as solving the living difficulties you for-see or experience.

Are you hiring?

We are always interested in meeting new people who can join our A Team of vendors, contractors and assistants.  If you would like to schedule a meeting, simply contact us via email by selecting the button below.

Can we hire your firm by the hour? If so, how much will it cost?

Our Trades are experienced and work as quickly as they can to finish with us and move on to their next job.  We do not tolerate trades who are not serious about getting the job done and done right.  Their expertise is valuable to us and we charge accordingly to keep each of them paid fairly.

Scale of fees:

  • $150.00 per hour for Principal & 3D Modeling
  • $125.00 per hour for Senior Designer
  • $125.00 per hour Senior Account Manager
  • $95.00 per hour for Intermediate Designer
  • $95.00 per hour for 2D Drafting/Construction Documents
  • $75.00 per hour for Junior Designer
  • $75.00 per hour for Administration

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Once an Agreement is signed, you secure those rates until your project is complete.

Hourly fees are calculated and invoiced at the end of each month, with invoices payable upon receipt.

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