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A place for every person

Home is so primary to the well being of each individual living there.  We understand that family changes throughout the seasons of life and we have experienced that along with you. 

Houses built yesterday don’t function well today.  Our mission is to provide the home you dream of within your budget and in a timely fashion.  That’s a big promise that we don’t take lightly.  We do not make that promise until we have completed the design, sourcing & pricing including everything on your wish list.  You decide which parts of the project to go forward with and your budget is set.

Orders are placed immediately so that no price changes will occur.  After checking lead times, we schedule the construction and share the expected finish date barring any serious complications.

On time.  On budget.  That is our way of doing business

Traveling and living abroad has influenced our perspective of how space is used and embellished our view of how interior architecture plays a role in design.  Pattern, texture, colors, light, and more can create the home you absolutely love to come home to.

We began designing homes for large families and multi-generational families back in 2010.  Over the years, we have worked on Kitchens, Baths, Lighting, Furnishings, Accessorizing, Drafting/3D Modeling, and Staging. 

Whether a small family or a mega-sized one, and from toddlers to grandparents, we plan and design for each persons needs.  This may include living in place for those wishing to invest in a “forever” home. 

McQwen Bath Before...

...McQwen Bath After

Deborah Hayden

"I'm a seeker of inspiration. From a tiny flower to overlooking grand scenic landscapes, I find great inspiration in lovely, elegant & simple beauty. I will use inspiration to transform your home or work space into the home your heart longs for."

Our A Team

We honor the architectural history of the house by integrating the most primary elements of home: function, comfort, family, history, and culture We gather the best of Nashville to work with us in transforming your home including engineers, contractors and all trades. Let our team help you!

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